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My Philosophy

Cindy aims to empower clients to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. She believes in obtaining long term health rather than adopting a 'quick fix' approach. Cindy helps clients increase their motivation and confidence in achieving their lifestyle goals and helps them prioritise their health.


Cindy believes that every person is their own expert in their life, and they have the best understanding of themselves and what will work best for them. With this, Cindy does not believe in prescribing or instructing clients what to do, but rather help give guidance, education and resources for them to make their own informed decisions.


Cindy helps clients to break down their goals to create smaller, more achievable goals for sustainability. She also helps clients to overcome psychological barriers and challenges they face when working on their goal. She helps clients to get back on track and point them in the right direction to success by increasing their self-worth and dealing with psychological underpinnings or mental health issues.


Cindy strongly believes in the mind body connection and feels that it is just as important, or if not more important to work on psychological barriers to her clients' health goals. Cindy uses behaviour change therapy and cognitive change techniques to help clients overcome these hurdles.


Cindy also feels that a well-balanced diet, exercise and lifestyle will lead to lower levels of stress, distress and negative mental health symptoms. Utilising a holistic approach when working with her clients to achieve their health goals, Cindy prioritises their utmost wellbeing both mentally and physically.

Through a combination of nutritional education, exercise advice and psychotherapy, Cindy’s clients are able to receive tailored, individual solutions for their unique needs. Cindy focuses on individuals strengths to deal with challenging and conflicting situations, improve mood and motivation,and most importantly, help to improve their overall quality of life that is sustainable and life changing.

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