About Me

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Cindy Yu

Registered Counsellor and Nutritionist

Cindy Yu is a registered counsellor of the Australian Counselling Association. She has completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences, majoring in nutrition, physical health and activity, a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in psychology, and a Graduate Diploma in Coaching and Counselling, all at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. Cindy has also been accepted into the Masters of Dietetics at Deakin University.

The training Cindy has undertaken has been extensive, this includes several psychological approaches; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Positive Psychology (including mindfulness and strength based approaches), Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focused Therapy.

Mental health and wellbeing is a strong focus of Cindy’s practice having worked closely alongside world renowned professor of psychiatry, Professor Jayashri Kulkarni and other psychiatrists and specialists at the Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre. Cindy worked in an extremely unique, multidisciplinary psychoneuroendocrinology clinic which facilitated a sound understanding of complex mental health conditions.


Cindy is currently the National Welfare Manager of the mental health charity program Outside the Locker Room. Cindy is responsible for all the mental health professionals involved in the program such as counsellors, psychologists and social workers. She is experienced in delivering mental health education sessions on a national platform and contributing to program and content development including nutrition and wellbeing.

Cindy complements her work with her involvement in the fitness and basketball communities, both locally and in state leagues. She has been a dedicated basketball official and referee supervisor for over 13 years. This allows her to practically express her strong interest in nutrition and exercise.

Utilising a holistic approach when working with her clients to achieve their health goals, Cindy prioritises their utmost wellbeing both mentally and physically.

Through this combination of nutritional education, exercise advice and psychotherapy, Cindy’s clients are able
to receive tailored, individual solutions for their unique needs. The aim is to help individuals achieve their personal goals, deal with challenging and conflicting situations, improve mood and motivation, and most importantly, help to improve their overall quality of life.