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"rise above and enjoy the view"

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Are you looking to elevate your health? Nutrition that is healing for the mind, body and soul for a totally healthier you? Well you're in the right place! Cindy, our founder and qualified dietitian and counsellor is here to provide soul healing and nourishing nutrition advice. One that has a non-diet approach and follows intuitive eating principles because we want you to find emotional freedom from and with food! Cindy will work with you to understand the mind and body connection, how we've formed relationships with food and help you ultimately rise above to the top of that peak to enjoy the glorious view of a nourished, wholesome and HEALTHY YU!

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From group presentations to individual consults, find out more about our services here.

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About Us

Find out more about Cindy and the philosophy she lives and breathes by.


Healthy Yu looks at the individual as a whole, as part of a system of a wider whole and beyond. In order to heal, a deeper depth of understanding needs to be encountered. The phrase 'rise above' takes healing to another level. Each step however small is part of a bigger picture of climbing to the peak of a mountain. The view from above is emotional freedom, clarity and gratitude. A place where all is let go, inspired and deeply felt.

The core of Healthy Yu's practice is understanding each person's journey is different from one another, therefore it is important to understand the individual themselves through person-centred conversations. No one is the expert of YOUR life, expect YOU! We will work to empower you to find your own solutions. The solutions that are already there. We just have to remember who we are. We will create a safe space for sharing and learning with no judgement to help bring out the truest healthiest YOU!

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